My Tanks:
240G Frontosa 240G Lake Tanganyika Community Setup
with Frontosa A big tank made manageable
and affordable
125G Tropheus 125G Lake Tanganyika Community Setup
with Tropheus Everything I hadn't tried
with the 240G
75G Geophagus 75G South American Setup
with Geophagus An affordable home for my
South Americans
5G Shelldweller 5G Shelldweller Setup
with Occelatus 'Gold' A fun tank that's cheap
and fits anywhere
More tanks will be added as time permits. In the Getting Hooked page you can find out how I first got involved in aquaristic, but my current interest was piqued mostly by two things:
  • A super active aquaristic community in NE Ohio, where I now live.
  • A fantastic online aquaristic community, which gives everybody access to the latest developments in the hobby, practically in real time.
I am a member of the following organizations, which I can warmly recommend for information and advice regarding everything related to the hobby:

OCA Logo Ohio Cichlid Association (OCA)

GAAS Logo Greater Akron Aquarium Society (GAAS)

DCG Logo Deutsche Cichliden Gesellschaft (DCG) (German Cichlid Society)

Cichlid-forum Logo Cichlid-forum

Planetcatfish Logo Planetcatfish

In addition, I am subscribing to:

TFH Logo Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine




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