5G Shelldweller

Setting up a tank that’s cheap and fits anywhere, but is more fun than many big ones!

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I hugely enjoy watching the two pairs of brevis I am keeping in my 240G Tanganyikan Community Setup, but with all the big tank mates I have never managed to see any fry, although I have no doubt that the little things are breeding like crazy. So the desire to observe them watch raise their fry had tempted me to set up a dedicated little shelldweller tank for some time. As you will see, not much effort or money is required to do this superbly. I would still recommend for any beginner to get the largest tank they can afford, because tank size will severely limgit your stocking options in the long run, and a bigger tank is often not more work to maintain than a smaller one. Yet, if you are sure you want to go for shelldwellers, a wonderful setup can be created in a 10G or even a 5G tank.

5G Shelldweller Setup

5G Shelldweller Setup right where I can see it all the time – on my desk!

Addendum February 2013

Thanks to Sergio Mazapura, who translated the 5G shelldweller section of fmueller.com, information about this tank is now also available in Ukrainian!




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