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How I became interested in music
Woofer Refoaming
How to re-foam woofers
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After a hiatus of some years, in 2008 I got a bit more interested in listening to music again, and purchased quite a lot of used audio equipment to facilitate this hobby of mine. A site that I found tremendously useful for audio advice has been AudioKarma. There is a bunch of extremely knowledgeable and helpful people in these forums. To name just one person, through this site I got in touch with Warren Bendler (dr*audio), whose electronic repair service in Cleveland I can not recommend warmly enough. Through this site I also learned about the Goodwill store chain, which is a fantastic place to find used and vintage audio equipment as well as used CDs, cassettes, and records. Goodwill components Stereo components like these are frequently available at Goodwill for under $10 - I paid $5 for the tape deck, and $7 for the receiver, which surprised me with a beautiful phono stage! I had never owned a turn table or any records before 2008, and at some stage was asked on AudioKarma how I could have made it to the age of 41 like this. This led me to write up the story of my previous involvement with music, getting hooked. In addition, the music section of contains and article about woofer re-foaming, and if you are like me, you like to see lots of photos of audio gear. Record collection The beginning of my record collection on a newly built shelf under the basement stairs.




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