125G Technology

125G Technology Siphon-fed overflow for the CAWC system and tubing for the filter in my 125G tank.


Standard tank sizes are: 10G, 20G, 29G, 55G, 75G, 125G. These tanks fly off the assembly lines of manufacturers, are often sold as beginner sets at chain stores, and also often end up on the second hand market for cheap. In between tank sizes (or anything bigger) tends to be a lot more expensive new, and finding one used is hit and miss, although keeping an eye open on Craigslist, eBay, and Aquabid obviously can't hurt. In short, if you are looking for a good sized tank for cheap, a 75G if you only have space for a 4' tank, or a 125G if you can fit a 6' tank, are most likely your way to go. In this section of my web site I am describing how I set up my 125G tank. I like to try things out and experiment, so I did a lot of things different from the 240G, just for the heck of it. I kept only the things that were so good that I couldn't even begin to think of an alternative. These are for example the automatic water change system and the fantastic lighting solution I found. This time the tank was bought second hand. For the reasons outlined above, 125G tanks tend to be readily available on the second hand market. I built the cabinet and canopy from scratch, and I had help from my Dad who was over to visit from Germany. I made them very similar to the Glasscages ones I bought for the 240G, but I also made some significant changes. The tank is filtered not by a sump system, but by an Eheim 2260 with Eheim diffuser. I had always been a great fan of Eheim classic series canister filters, and had been fascinated by the huge 2260 ever since I saw brochures of it in the 1970s. The only way to get something comparable to Eheim's 2260 for less money was to buy a used 2260! There is no UGJ system this time, but the current in this tank is wicket - and the hyperactive tropheus seem to love it! Like all my tanks, this 125G is set up with cost savings in mind - I don't have a huge budget for my aquarium hobby. But also don't have much time for maintenance, and I prefer watching my fish - or working on this web site - to doing water changes. I am sure if you read these pages, you should be able to pick up at least one or two ideas that you can implement in your own setups. I hope this will make the reading worthwhile for you!




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